sabato 11 dicembre 2010

Saturday night in Ugento del Salento Lecce to stem the leprosy of the olive.

Saturday night in Ugento del Salento Lecce to stem the leprosy of the olive.

Antonio Bruno *


More than 250 people Monday evening December 11, 2010, in the Conference Room of the Consortium of Reclamation "Ugento Fogg and Li" were beaten in the forest of olive trees in the Salento Lecce suffering from leprosy! In this note the remark of an Agronomist.


I doubt a whirl in the head and whether to tell a conference that I organized? What do I do? I write? I do not write? ... And then eventually decide to write, to speak my mind, cast, as always, what comes as quell'imperdonabile give the name of "Pan Cafone" to "Pan Terrone" my friend Fernando San Cesario di Natale Lecce given as a gift to the Dean of Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Vito Bari Nicola Savino or mycologist Prof. Franco Nigro, Department of Biology and Agro-Forestry and Environmental Chemistry, University of Bari Aldo Moro.

I have to write that it is intuition Att. Vincent Provenzano, Director General of the Consortium of Reclamation "Ugento Li and Fogg," I contacted the Department of Agriculture in Bari and it is thanks to the Dean Savino that I could organize the conference along with the ability to Ugento yesterday and that of December 11, 2010 today 12 December at the Cooperative Martano New Generation.

Were 250 of us assembled in the conference room of the Consortium of Reclamation to Ugento, a room that can accommodate up to 100 because these are the seats. All of them until the end, for two hours flew like a second in a Saturday evening to which generally is not intended as a good day at the Conventions. I challenge you to tell me which conference will be held in the last 10 years Saturday night at 18.00 and has registered the participation of more than 250 people. How do you say? Do not believe me? Then watched the local TV services which have taken place and the photos I posted.

Why? Tell me! Because more than 250 people have been nailed in a room, heat, standing, to hear a report from a university professor on a fungus that is destroying the olive production in Salento Lecce? Why?

Here's the question that I do what I do to you who read me. There was the whole of Negroamaro, was not even the "Notte della Taranta," there was no VIP or men and women of Big Brother! There were people who remained pinned for hours, that have occurred have shown love and passion for the land of Salento, Lecce.

And what of my staff and Mr. Perito Agrario Luca Negro Cosimino Casciaro who return from the mills of Salento Lecce have told me the phrase that says: "It was time for someone to occupy our territory", "I will certainly be deeply interested" and so on! And they were not phrases here, because people "in the flesh", crammed in the Conference Room of the Consortium of Reclamation, there really! This is not virtual reality, or a survey of the good Professor Piepoli! They are men and women of Salento Lecce who care about their olive trees, they love olives hanging from the trees, fighting the good fight every day to deny, ridicule and see disappear forever from this land, who has already declared the "death" of their olive trees, who prophesies the destruction of olive trees in the forest of Salento in Lecce.

I have not waited for the sunrise, as I do every day, did not I stayed on, writing about the project, what comes out on the porch as ten years ago, when I told my life and I listened to your life.

More than 200 thousand owners of the rural landscape of Salento, Lecce and 60 thousand of them are owners of a piece of the forest of olive trees. What should I do? I ask someone, they expect answers, want of practical guidance.

This is to transmit the know-how and not the opinions or thoughts or, as more and more often are forced to endure, the paradigms, or rather the "models"! There is too little real and virtual! Beautiful models, but they are like video games, if you kill the video game can rise again! They give you a certain number of lives and you can start to fight! If they kill you in real life however, do not you get more!

But these brave men who participated in last night, do not kill anyone, even you you're doing that movement of the head and you scratch. Yeah! Why is not Islam nor Napoleon could not have succeeded even the Bourbons and the Savoy, and I could not even you who are "unlucky" since you exist, you see black, leading Jella, you hope in disaster of others! And you know why? Why will exist until men and women like you, that you do nothing, that sabotaged the work of others and hope that in another's failure, the people of Salento, Lecce, proud, hard-working and kind, will always prevail. I want to thank the agricultural expert Franco De Los Reyes, a model of hard work and dedication to the Salento Lecce, a man who loves nature and the environment, a true resource and great pride for this area! Thanks Franco! Without you, this feat would be impossible!

* Agronomist

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