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200 tons of grape leaves from Martano del Salento Lecce in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

200 tons of grape leaves from Martano del Salento Lecce in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Antonio Bruno *


Tuesday December 10, 2010 during the presentation of research results on the Law 23/2007 of the Puglia Region and its opportunities and prospects for the agro-food chains Dr. Joseph Lamanna responsible within the Bari Institute for Foreign Trade has announced that the New Generation Cooperative Marta del Salento Lecce will work 200 tons of leaves lives a year to be sent to Saudi Arabia.


Apulia, there are about 100 thousand hectares of vineyards in the Salento Lecce and there are only a little over 13 thousand! Already just over 5% of the area of Salento in Lecce is a vineyard! But today it is on a hope! There we will wake up the morning after a night spent in the pleasantly cool nature of rural houses, looking out the window and enjoy the gentle beauty of the vast expanses of vineyards in the Salento Lecce and decide, with enviable calm, like to spend another day in a place where healthy relationship with nature is preserved with tireless care. If these are the conditions you want then today, Dr. Joseph Lamanna responsible Ice announced that the New Generation Cooperative Martano del Salento Lecce will work 200 tons of leaves lives a year by sending a container in Saudi Arabia for the month of grape leaves in brine!

Saudi Arabia is a strategic country for Italy has a culture that, although it is very different from ours, is at the same time very close to our ways of living in the Salento Lecce. Without it we should remember here is that you should keep in mind that Saudi Arabia is that the Sicilian Cassata and always by the men and women in the country were the names of the cities of Marsala and Palermo.

Salento Lecce should focus on Saudi Arabia because the vine leaves are used in Arab cuisine. But what does Arab cuisine? In countries where Arabic is cooked? Arab cuisine is all the kitchens of the countries of the Arab world, stretching from the Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan) to the nations North African (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan and Egypt). One of the dishes of this cuisine are dedicated to vine leaves stuffed with rice and meat.

Anna B. reports that at Alexandria in Egypt have eaten at the restaurant GAD, downtown, near the stock exchange. Home cooking: shawerma at the table (the meat cut from the spit wheel) with steamed rice, extremely crisp falafel (broad bean meatballs), baked pasta, chicken soup and rolls grape leaves.

In Turkish cuisine are called grape leaves stuffed with rice (Yaprak dolması). They are also for sale on the internet ark Dolmas - vine leaves stuffed with rice: Rapunzel - Size: 280 g - Price: 4.99 €. Ingred's on the label are onions, vine leaves 28%, 17% rice, extra virgin olive oil 8%, water, sea salt, dill, acidifier: citric acid, mint and black pepper.

In Greece almost always eaten as a starter and you can dress with greek yogurt and lemon juice.

Essential ingredient of a vine leaf dolmades is, while the filling can vary: it is usually made from rice, minced meat or vegetables.

A huge market! Around the Mediterranean has the rolls of grape leaves that are cooked in the Mediterranean as asking me whether one of the typical dishes of the Mediterranean Diet.

However, the vine leaves should be very soft and tender. They can be pickled whole year.

I am very curious and would like to taste this dish fragrant.

A huge market for the grape leaves in Salento Lecce, the screw that has been the ruin of the premiums for continued streamlining could not return to sparkle for the grapes and wine, but the leaves, tender and tasty, fresh or pickle!

Sunday, December 12, 2010 will see the leaders of the New Generation Cooperative Marta del Salento Lecce for the technical meeting on leprosy to be held in their meeting room, talk to these brave people who will work the vine leaves to bring them to Saudi Arabia in the Arab country very like us in the Salento Lecce that could be the springboard for export around the Mediterranean.

And who should market the vine leaves? But just us! Why are we who live in Lecce, Salento, the peninsula that dips to be right in the middle of the Great Salt Lake.

Yes! We in the Land of the two seas that instead of turning sunlight into wine, turn the sun in vine leaves for the peoples of the Mediterranean.

* Agronomist


The numbers of wine

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Dolmas - vine leaves stuffed with rice

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