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The forest of olive trees in the Salento Lecce common good in the care of President Vendola

The forest of olive trees in the Salento Lecce common good in the care of President Vendola

Antonio Bruno *


A huge crowd of Salento in Lecce Martano ruled that the Forest of Olives is a shared heritage of the Collective of Salento in Lecce. In this paper the reasons for this.


Sunday morning in the forest of olive trees in the Salento Lecce with the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Bari. Vito Nicola Savino. "It looks like the RIS," is the comment of the kind lady who accompanies another scientist who is taking care of the mushroom that "mummifies" the beautiful olive drupes! We walk under the canopy laden with the fruits from which springs the "liquid gold" and words of dr. Stajano you feel the concern and anxiety for these plants for 20 years crippled by leprosy.

Then in the evening Martano del Salento Lecce, Domenico Coluccio is that welcomes us, tells us that it's Sunday, that before 18:30 will not be anyone who can not be very many. I tell them to Ugento the night before there were more than 250 people, who really did not know how to get them all, and he looks down as if to say "okay think whatever you want, but will not make much people ".

Only a moment at the Castle of Corigliano d'Otranto, an open space from 9 am to 2 de morning run by nice folks. The Dean Savino appreciates the mill in the stables and also the beautiful cafeteria, and then Melpignano capital of the "Notte della Taranta" is the Dean Prof. Savino Nigro noted that the immense space in front of the imposing monastery of the Augustinians, built since 1573.

It 's late! As a sprint to the New Generation Cooperative, are 18 and 05 and the entrance is my collaborator Cosimino Casciaro regulating traffic. No! It is not a policeman! And 'good employee but not a policeman. Only the wide space behind the conference room of the Cooperative New generation seems to be the car park of the stadium, not during the week which is empty and sad, but Sunday when it is full of cars decorated with the colors of the team.

Even the doubting Domenico Coluccio, who in his life has seen many, asserting the necessity of the presence of stakeholders, stakeholder entities, takes note of the invasion of the Cooperative headquarters.

There Dr. Antonio Rollo, President of the Consortium DOP Terra d'Otranto, is the President of the Coldiretti of Lecce Mr. Pantaleo Piccinni, is the Deputy Manager of Defence Dr. Vincenzo Parisi, the farmer's olive oil dr. Joseph Cazzetta, there is the Mayor of Zollino Dr. Frank Pellegrino, the director is Dr. dell'Aprol. Gianni Gemma there are many colleagues and co-workers but also are the owners of the Forest of Olives from Salento Lecce.

And 'Sunday night, no one expected that there were so many people, not even Dr. Isabel Tramacere, competent and talented journalist Telerama News directed by the excellent Mauro Giliberti, that when I interview tells me that there is so much people, that there is room for everyone and wonders why so much warm and interested participation. I told her that Saturday and Sunday in Ugento to Mars in total there was the presence of more than 500 people have been hoping that once it was clear to all that the olive tree is our history, that it is not only agriculture, oil price and market support, we're playing with the territory, with the environmental benefits provided to 800 thousand inhabitants of the territory from 9 million olive trees scattered in the territories of 97 municipalities of Salento Lecce, I am a common good. The custodians of the landscape do not make it to "put out of their pockets" all expenses necessary to ensure that tourists take home as well as the sea, the sun and the wind of this land, even the wonderful views of the forest of olive trees and the countryside of Salento, Lecce.

The I called the "monotony farm" that grips many Domenico Coluccio, which, although good, attentive, always present and in good faith, only to have an eye to who makes the agriculture as a profession, those who live only agriculture, in short, to farmers. For heaven's sake! It 'an understandable mistake, but it is a mistake and, especially, is a serious error.

And 'as if he were engaged in a doctor's prescription dose of a drug without knowing whether the patient is an adult or a child! And if prescribing the appropriate dose for an adult to a child? Instead of healing our sick child dies killed because he is unknown to the doctor!

Doctors and many other professionals, postmen, office workers and many women and men flock to the countryside, are more than 200 thousand members of the Consortium of Reclamation "Ugento Fogg and Li, are the owners of the rural landscape of Salento Lecce in which no one voice .

The Consortium has tried to give voice to all. Last night Dean Savino, in the light of this evidence under the eyes of all and, simultaneously, to all unknown, was made available to formulate a document to be submitted to the President Vendola. He explained to everyone that Dean is a path to be that of President Vendola, because otherwise you should knock on doors for the Environment Councillor, that of Tourism, that of landscapes, agriculture, in short, is Regional Council should invest half of Puglia.

When Sunday morning, Dean and Professor Savino. Nigro have tasted the wonderful sun and light of Salento Lecce, I have assured him that condition until the end of metrological work of the Conference of Mars, and then I announced the arrival of rain.

He looked astonished when the Dean Savino, down the stairs that lead from the Conference Room New Generation exit, saw the pouring rain. He looked at me and I said as I went down: "Did you see Dean? I spoke with the company who assured me that it would not start to rain before the end of the conference! "

We all laughed and taste, we all hope that quest'allegria infections throughout so as to meet more often to work together, because together we can, together is nice, you go away together!

* Agronomist

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