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In Salento Lecce eat the red punch?

In Salento Lecce eat the red punch?

Antonio Bruno *


Last night, Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 17:00 in the beautiful setting of the medieval castle of Aquatic head meeting was held on the 'EMERGENCY AWL RED PALM (Rhyncophorus ferrugineus).

In this note some interesting information learned during the evening.


The medieval castle of Aquatic head is of the fifteenth century and was perhaps restored by Giovanni Antonio Orsini prince of Taranto, who had a feud Aquarius in 1432.

The magnificent square tower, which dominates the town, the architecture is of great importance for the country of Aquarius and that is where his friend Mayor Agronomist Francesco Ferraro last night Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 17:00 moderated a conference to raise public awareness on issues relating to 'EMERGENCY AWL RED PALM (Rhyncophorus ferrugineus).

The song "The Red Guard" by Raffaele Offidani "Picenus Spartacus" in 1919 more or less said 'That's a strange soldier advances / from the East, not horse riding / is the Red Guard who marches to the rescue .... 'and seems to have been written for the red palm weevil.

Mayor Ferraro called it "a simple meeting for clarification. The hall was crowded to demonstrate how the issue is felt by the people of Salento in Lecce.

Striscia la Notizia is proposing for some time the various attempts at treatment have been put in place to protect the plant of this insect red palm! There is everything and more and we Doctors of Agronomy, facing this insect, we have often had to raise the white flag, to watch helplessly in symptoms ranging from mowing, to merlettature, leaves supported, leaves death expelled for COLLAPSE OF THE CANOPY beach to which may be a green umbrella, partially dried and then dry completely.

The survey data are those that are carrying out our colleagues in the Consortium CODILE defense of the Province of Lecce illustrated by my colleague Sara Agronomist nurse.

For Acquarica Cape there was a monitor that covered the palm trees are visible from the street and those that were subject of a report by Citizens for a total of 223 trees of which 94% and 6% Phoenix canariensis Phoenix dactylifera.

These palm trees with aquariums for 94.88% of the head are no symptoms of the presence of red punch, while 2.38% have a punch attack to the initial state, the 2.06% of the palm trees are already dead and ready- 0.68% have been made safe or covered so as not to appear to flicker in adults and none of them had a regrowth.

In short punch to the head of Acquarica red is causing an infestation in its initial state.

My colleague Sara Agronomist nurse has continued providing the data in neighboring palms affected with Aquarius. A Ruffano the CODILE found 17.87% of the affected palms, mirror the 13.34% in Preston on 11, 01% and finally 20.2% in Tauranga.

Aquarius is surrounded by the red weevil infestation that even if the act is in its initial state.

At the beginning of this note I have set out the various symptoms that detect the presence dl red snout, my colleague Sara Nutricato said that there is not always the "notice" by the symptoms, but increasingly we are seeing palm trees affected, whether are 30 cm high as 20 meters, which show only the umbrella stage, perhaps after a windy day!

Always connects Nutricato reported that the infestation is rapidly evolving.

He says the prof. Joseph Barbera "where species richness and high biodiversity, there is complexity and stability, but where on the contrary it requires single-crop farming, the life cycles of matter and energy is interrupted, jumping the balance between populations of plants and animals, ecosystems are weakened. The bodies stronger, better adapted to the new circumstances, take over. And here is a new danger to the delicate coexistence of man and the planet that houses: the spaces of tropical monocultures, with their load of pesticides that kill natural enemies of insect and lethal herbicide that dry herbs and shrubs where they could escape, they become tight.

Ferruginous red color and as the danger of which you have true fear knows no boundaries, and easily exceeds the punch them in the new environment, not restrained by natural enemies, it spreads very fast. "

They clamored for the defendants to do something last night with aquariums, many even if all the proposed remedies, which provide for the continued existence of a palm tree need expensive preventive treatments to be carried out for all eternity!

I conclude with another piece of news given by prof. Barbera, who reveals to us another way to control red punch: "In New Guinea the man in his own way contributes to biological control. Larvae eat the big meaty hands sinking collects inside the frame reduced to a warm, fermenting mash. In need of animal protein (in New Guinea, the game is small and not very nutritious), therefore satisfies the vital need for B vitamins, iron and zinc. The larvae of the weevil Guinean help children grow up healthy without showing the swollen belly of those who eat little protein and carbohydrate and brought to the market allow a small trading economy. "

What can I say? Soon we will have lunch at a nice steaming bowl of red punch at Genoa?

* Agronomist


Joseph Barbera, The journey of the insect that kills trees

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