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The Song of Algimiro Borgia Casarano del Salento Lecce

The Song of Algimiro Borgia Casarano del Salento Lecce

Antonio Bruno *


Soprantendi to 'your farms? It brings you to put a notebook in his pocket, to harvesting, the harvesting of olives, watches with an eye towards the other peasant women and follow the pencil on the paper that follows the song. We will speak on behalf of many. Silence of those who have so far only promised, but that will keep the promise because gentlemen, our employees are real and we have given large numbers of songs: ... Liborio De Donatis for Casarano. (Christopher Pasqualigo, folk songs Vicenza 1866)


The cadastre of Casarano done by the engineer Algimiro Fusaro

Life is made up of meetings. Each of us has seen change the course of events because there is a person who at the intersection or that intersection has shown us the way then we walked to the intersection below. The life of a man who is now 89 years has been marked by the Land Registry and the meeting of Mr. Borgia with an engineer who was working there in Casarano del Salento Lecce. This was called Algimiro good engineer he worked with Mr. Fusaro Borgia Casarano del Salento Lecce. Surely Mr. Borgia Fusaro and greatly admired the engineer when his wife, August 23, 1922, brings to light a child, this man in the deep south decides to impose the name of Algimiro. Here is the story of a little name in the Salento Lecce, that Miro, as his friends call him, who knows how many times told each time that new acquaintances heard his unique name and asked him the reasons which led his parents to call so.

My meeting with Algimiro

He lives outside the pretty town of Casarano del Salento Lecce, I would not have ever given those 89 years instead flaunts with great elegance and naturalness. I welcome his daughter a person who works with the Region of Puglia and in charge of the education of our children led by an enlightened manager who collects all his and our admiration. Algimiro is gentle and shy, he speaks in a truly compelling and begs me to sit in his living room. He shows me his collection of photographs, all beautiful, full of superb olive trees and beautiful rural Salento Lecce.

The olive Rimonda del Salento Lecce

Then begins his narration, a real song, such as those who had promised to collect the Nobleman Liborio De Cristoforo Pasqualigo Donatis in 1866. Algimiro began working with two uncles, teachers Rimonda olive trees of the forest of Salento in Lecce. How do you say? You do not know what is Rimonda? Quiet I'll tell you, is the cleaning of the superfluous shoots and the dry parts of the olive tree. He went into the fields owned by his family, there was a horse, an animal that at that time gathered all his interest. But when his uncle was Ippazio, who was the brother of his mother, who was here in olive trees and waiting when my uncle was cutting a branch that was no longer required to remain attached to the trunk. Mesciu Pai, which in local dialect means Lecce Master Pai (more in the sense of Magister), so called Ippazio D'Amico, uncle Algimiro.

Algimiro the school Mesciu Pai

"Mesciu Pai" observed the boy struggling with Rimonda of the branch that he had left on the ground, and when it ended its Algimiro Rimondi, and called him with the face of those who expect a reply asking: "Pai Mesciu contracting made bbona Rimonda you is the branch you ulia "which translated means" I did well Pai Master Rimonda of this branch of the olive tree? "I look at him with curiosity to know the response of the Magister Pai, you've got it right, just like potato chips of Algimiro. He tells me that he only ever said what he knew, and that's why I said that sometimes the Mesciu Pai replied yes, and sometimes say no.

The first day of Rimonda Algimiro Borgia

The thing goes on for a long time until finally in a nice February 1940 Mesciu Pai went from his sister's house, asks Algimiro which says "the OSCE tie IENI Rimonda cu nnui" which means "now you come with us to Rimonda.

I look Algimiro while I told of his first day of work 70 years ago, I totally immersed in the images that follow one another in his mind, I would give anything to have a tool that can transform their memories into images of a film I could admire and enjoy it brings me back to that distant February 1940. No one has yet invented a machine of this kind, even if there are films that have described.

The olive grove of the Nobleman De Donatis

Go to the funds of the De Donatis nobleman who was a native of Tuscany and it was determined to Casarano del Salento Lecce.

If you are familiar with Casarano the olive grove where he went to work on the first day Algimiro Borgia after the stadium is going to the station near the petrol station. Then there was nothing of all this, there were groves of Nobleman De Donatis that "Mesciu Pai" had been instructed to cleanse.

At the dawn arrived and began the Rimonda without any problem until noon when it came Nobleman De Donatis.

Algimiro was called by his aunt and uncle who asked him to come down from the tree, to step aside, not to work, do not touch even the olive trees. You should know that the olive tree, 70 years ago, they could tap only the experts, young people could only watch, the gentleman if he had seen De Donatis our Algimiro near his olive would react badly, and in that period just as an example, when the houses that were expropriated in front of City Hall to build "the building", so called Algimiro the school building Casarano, who complained to two words were reserved for the arrest by the police . I mean can you imagine what would happen if the uncles of Algimiro Nobleman De Donatis had seen him handle with pruning shears on his olive trees.

Mesciu Pai and others, when they saw the Duke said Algimiro to come down from the tree and he went down from there. That is the memory of the first day of Rimonda Algimiro Borgia class of 1922 of Casarano Going Lecce.

* Agronomist (expert in urban and regional diagnostic entitled International University Master's Degree in Diagnostic IMD Urban and Regional Urban and Territorial Diagnostics).

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