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The demonstration of the usefulness of Reclamation Consortium "Ugento them Fogg"

The demonstration of the usefulness of Reclamation Consortium "Ugento them Fogg"

Antonio Bruno *


But what is the Consortium of Reclamation "Ugento them Fogg"? what does it do? Gets a benefit that the owner of a piece of rural landscape of Salento Lecce from the Consortium of Reclamation "Ugento them Fogg"?

The answer to all these questions is contained in this note.


Why should I pay the Reclamation Consortium "Ugento them Fogg"

There is a debate between the owners of the rural landscape of Salento Lecce regarding the Reclamation Consortium "Ugento and Li Fogg." This debate stems from a question: "What I benefit from the Reclamation Consortium" Ugento and Li Fogg?

The question is legitimate because it must pay a fee to any performance, you and me who are reading my words, there would never dream of giving an amount in Euro to a mechanic if you do not have a car to be repaired, or a dentist if any of our teeth it hurts. Is not it?

The answer given by the Conference of State

And here to explain what benefit an owner gets a piece of the rural landscape of Salento Lecce Reclamation Consortium "Ugento and LI Fogg" comes to rescue the agreement between the State and the regions that defined the benefit in implementing Article 27 of Decree Law No. 248 of 2007, ratified with amendments by Law No. 31 of 2008.

It reads "benefit is referred to the actions of maintenance, operation and supervision of the drainage network and irrigation systems" and then continues by defining what constitutes the benefit for your piece of rural landscapes. "Consists in the preservation or increase in property values."

The benefit of Salento Lecce

In practice you get the benefit that the Consortium can feel immediately. If you have your own piece of rural landscape that is flooded when there are extreme events of precipitation, such as those that happen every twenty years, but that you forget it. This benefit translates into preservation of the value of your piece of the rural landscape because there is a network of canals that drain the waters are not stagnant flooding your campaign as it happens with certainty as you can read the report written by the Marquis Pareto in 1865 after a visit to the United Provinces and thus in Salento Lecce. Extensive discussion of the situation you can find it in my note "The marshes of Salento Lecce before reclamation," whose link is in the Bibliography of this note. If you have a piece of rural landscape that can be irrigated through an irrigation district of Reclamation Consortium "Ugento and Li Fogg" here is that there is an increase in value of your campaign.

It seems quite clear it?

Further clarification

E 'admirable as the State and regions have clearly defined what is the benefit, this would be enough to have no doubt. But the excellent work of the Conference has gone further down in particular the definition of benefit.

Benefit garrison hydrogeological

Some might argue that his bit of rural landscape is flooded not ever, even if you unleash the deluge. Again, however, that little piece of landscape can have the benefit of the garrison as hydrogeological through those interventions to maintain the efficiency of the entire grid can live in an environment can be enjoyed by himself or by others. For example, if you own a farm and you're in tourist numbers you need to do the following question: "I would go to vacation in a province where there are swamps?". If the answer is obviously negative is quite clear that the action of Reclamation Consortium "Ugento and Li Fogg" gives you the benefit of a garrison hydrogeological Trai is the advantage you from all the interventions aimed at maintaining the efficiency and function of the lattice and hydraulic works.

Benefit Nature hydraulic

If your fund is not flooded due to the presence of the hydrographic network maintained by the Consortium is clear that you have that benefit. Return on extreme events. If a thing has happened twenty years ago for us women and men has never happened, and here we build on the cliffs to collapse or on the slopes of Etna and Vesuvius, or the ones we want the state to secure or if a volcanic eruption or collapse of a cliff destroys us the property we ask for damages. The same goes for the flood! On Italy's 'extreme events with more intense rains and strong winds have tripled compared to the''60s and''90s and the claims Giampiero Maracchi, professor of climatology at' University of Florence and Director of Biometeorology CNR. The phenomena of flooding are now typical on the peninsula for about 18 years. According to Professor Maracchi tropicalization than the intensity of this phenomena is due to the fact that there is more energy.

Benefit availability of irrigation

If you have a water reclamation district of the Consortium for your piece of the rural landscape that is more than the piece instead of your neighbor who can not take water from the Consortium. All this to the advantage that Trajan as well as other benefits for the work of accumulation, derivation, feeding, circulation and distribution of irrigation water.

The regions may define additional types of benefits

Just today, the Committee meets the fourth council of the Puglia Region to discuss the new Law of Associations of Reclamation and is the President and Alderman Stephen Gianfreda that it identify these additional types of benefits.

The Consortium of Reclamation "Ugento and Li Fogg" is always committed in providing these additional types of benefits and specific follow-up.

Maintainers interventions on local roads outside urban

The 78 municipalities covered by the Region of the Consortium of Reclamation "Ugento them Fogg" even if they are competent on the roads classified as local long distance, ask the consortium consisting in the maintenance of mowing grass on the docks and closing holes.

These requests come primarily from the fact that the location of roads affecting most municipal territory and, in the spirit of collaboration among institutions, the Consortium can not refrain from intervening. This is a case of jurisdiction derived, resulting in a benefit to the owners of the rural landscape of Salento in Lecce and therefore benefit from them.

Agronomic advice and plant

E 'are known to farmers on agronomic and phytosanitary issues are supported almost entirely by technical trading, which broadcast "tips" that can not be uprooted by the interest of publicizing their products. Here the need to impose Reclamation Consortium "Ugento them Fogg" to carry out an extensive assistance activities without neglecting research and experimentation.

Design of drainage works proposed for funding, and pending completion

As you probably noticed the design of these works has a cost that is actually an advantage for the owners of the rural landscape

Keeping and updating the Land Consortium

Certifications are issued and inquiries are heavily used by the owners of the countryside falling in the district of Reclamation Consortium "Ugento them Fogg" This activity is an advantage and therefore represents a benefit.

Rainwater falling on roads, provincial, municipal and climbing

Also known as the rain falls on these roads that dripped wildly over the neighboring territory. Moreover, these roads are sometimes of real dams that block the natural drainage causing flooding. The activities carried out by additional hydraulic Reclamation Consortium "Ugento them Fogg" is an advantage and therefore a benefit to the owners of the rural landscape but it is quite clear that as the cause of these actions can be attributed to them resulting benefit is for those who have built these roads.


The work and maintenance carried out silently by the Consortium of Reclamation "Ugento them Fogg" in the year, day after day, have helped to prevent flooding and damage. The hydraulic risk can never be totally eliminated and in some areas, there are still critical issues that must be eliminated. But residents of various areas of the 78 municipalities of the Province of Lecce falling in the district of Reclamation Consortium "Ugento them Fogg" know that before the realization of the plants consortium, flooding and wetlands were the norm and were repeated with the frequency of rainfall. It is no coincidence that today is no longer the case. Many of those same people know that and we acknowledge the work done. We'd also remember that our opponents in politics, trade associations and public opinion that throughout the year continue to suggest the abolition of the Consortia. Just the absence of flooding problems and makes it forget the constant work of our technical and fundamental to the safety valve. We would not have hope in the arrival of a flood to make them understand the importance of our work and to continue to work in peace for everyone's safety.


Raffaele Pareto, on the reclamation, irrigation risaje and the Kingdom of Italy. Milan 1865

Antonio Bruno, Swamps of Salento Lecce before rehabilitation

Extreme events in Italy tripled since the 90s.

Vincent Provenzano, memo to Dr. Antonio Bruno on the plans for the meeting of January 27, 2011 at Top of the Regional Union of Reclamation Pugliese

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