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Those Istituto Tecnico Agrario di Lecce

Those Istituto Tecnico Agrario di Lecce

Anthony Bruno

The invitation of Guido

Guido Baldini was my classmate, students both in the academic year 1976/77 the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bari, he now teaches Agricultural Technical Institute "John Presta" of Lecce and me yesterday called to attend an orientation day, parents and children have come to learn and understand what is the Agricultural Technical Institute's training offer.

Me and Rori Mason in the Valley of Cupa

Me and Horace Mason, representing respectively the Consortium of Reclamation "Ugento them Fogg" Arneo and we walked the road from Lecce, S. Pietro in Lama, and after just one kilometer from the town of Lecce, behold, there appeared the school. Look good because the structure is immersed in the countryside of Salento and placed in the excavations of the ancient city of Rudiae. This piece of agricultural landscape is set like a diamond in the "Valle della Cupa" known for centuries and has been described by various authors with great skill only to better know that the term "Cupa" means in the main dialects of Salento, Calabria 3- and south in general, something embedded, deep, concave.

History dell'Agrario Lecce

Glorious traditions of this school, its origins date back to 1870 when the provincial council in the capital of establishing the "house", which in 1877 was transformed into "School-house" and in 1879 in "Royal School of Practical Agriculture. In 1882 it was named after John Presta, versatile and distinguished scholar of the eighteenth century Gallipoli.

In 1923, the school is "Royal Agricultural School," and in 1931, following the agrarian reform that transforms schools into institutions of higher education, becomes a "Royal Agricultural Technical Institute." After the war, the school assumed its present name of "Istituto Tecnico Agrario Statale".

And 'the better the school, which was acquired in 1880, was a sixteenth-century Capuchin convent, together with the provincial estates bought by Rusch and Panareo total to 33 hectares, to offer them for use at school. They are then implemented various additions and alterations to the premises is attached to the farm Panareo that the school building.

In the 60 completion of a second building adjacent to the town, which now houses classrooms, while the first building houses the presidency, administrative offices and laboratories.

Former students of Virginia founded by Presta Inguscio

There's facebook that has arisen precisely to bring together groups of students. The group is called THAN AGRICULTURAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE OF LECCE ... how we ????????? And its founder who was born in Virginia Inguscio San Cesario di Lecce wrote: "I have sensed in focus groups, because we're getting a lot ':) This group is also a way to remember the good old days in our institution isolated from the world, where we were four cats but where we left some great memories! Boys join :)))))". To date 186 people have joined.

Give us St. Anna Marasco

Writes Anna Marasco of San Donaci "Sn past two years, m but it seems like yesterday. I seem to live again those moments. Prof. Martin de benart. Exc. . How many memories. If I could turn back the 2yo tempo.fu fantastic. No you never dimentikerò. If only I could organize an evening prof and students. "

The biologist Julie Powell

and continue with Julie Powell is now a biologist who writes: "Ahhhh how I miss the legendary island Agricultural ... happy =)"

The "too good" of Mark Gerardi

Mark Gerard writes "Too good when it was the professor and said FRANCO" boyfriend COMPANY TODAY! "And we went to roam ....

When the event was too good and people along the way school-Lecce (on foot) was lost in the moment. Too good when you get to school and did not see the point of red CAPONE. (Great lady) "

The heart of Ilaria Falerno

Ilaria Falerno my fellow citizens of San Cesario di Lecce she was still attending the Institute and writes. "Agricultural Technical Institute: it'll take forever in the heart !!!!! Professor, friends and anyone in my school are all united by a strong sense of participation ... you are all fantastic .... deeply regret the years I spent in this school! "

The centaur Francesco Pascali

Francesco Pascali who now lives in Urbino remembers her Scooter tours and writes: "Again we will leave while the drops of oil shot up with the" get ready "by the company to the school!"

Memories of Alexander Pierri

Alessandro Pierri still "Dear boys and own real schools like this and there are not any will, with all the characters and all the adventures that happened to go to school crossings when not pass or lose the round or forced to walk ....... ufff a shower of beautiful memories Tirrell, ka ka, classroom ... hall, hippocampus, Okkupati, walking in fields with Tirrell .......... tAll ......... where are these things .... just remember "

Zero De Bernart

Anna Marasco "M sn graduated in July 2008, a year has passed already. I've seen of all colors, but I spent a wonderful 5 years. Kiama Then ke is fun. M memory of Prof. de Bernart, even put 0 in the tasks, prof nn raven then tell you how many we have had the best Paladins, and Martin "

The special school Michela

Michael RP "Our school is one of the most special, only those who attend or have attended can love and really appreciate! Anyway I want to say one thing ... I completely understand that it was a little crazy, but Professor Capone was a myth, thanks in part to the Agrarian she was the Agrarian! love it!! while others have to say that Prof. them are the work of the Holy Spirit, not understanding a tube and giving himself airs you could easily save you time ... you know how. auhauhauh Greetings to Dario, the janitor of our vigils! mythical.

A big kiss to all "

The Dean Mario De Nitto People and the ceiling in front of the first F

And Fernando is missing "who attended the ITAS 1978 to 1984? Professors Martin, Quaranta, Miglietta, Campa, Morelli, Bram, 1F .... Who remembers when the roof fell on his head while we were with the English lesson Professor Zacharias and half of us went to the hospital, and who made the trip to Vienna five years of destroying the hotel? And the principal de Nitto person who is not admitted to the final exams for many people the trip to Vienna? that time. ... in any event unforgettably !!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'll tell you my Agrario in flash

Prof. Mario De Nitto person was my Magister, I have done with him then and Sciences Pathology and Entomology, five years of lessons and I caught a three-less, unless I am forced to travel to the southeast of San Cesario di Lecce Salice Salentino home to my classmate Donald Cagnazzo who taught me to study science and to exchange the magazines.

Prof. Martina and visits to the Livestock Barn, his professionalism and his humanity

Prof. Nicola Calasso, Economics, Accounting and Valuation to the large, high ratings at the University only with the preparation dell'Agrario

Prof. Caldarazzo chemistry with him had no more secrets for me

Prof. Vincent Rollo and his furious lessons of literature and politics

Prof. Alfredo Mazzotta taught me the agronomy, crops and herbaceous crops arboreee

The Student Association dell'Agrario Lecce

Dear friends who have attended the Agrarian Lecce us "AWAY WE CAN SEE WHY 'WE ARE SITTING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS" (Bernard of Chartres, French philosopher of the twelfth century) and to honor their work that I propose to found the Association of Students dell'Agrario of Lecce. In the coming days will make a request for information to send 186 members of the Facebook group to raise awareness of the good we do to the territory of Salento in Lecce is the rural landscape and environment then.


Liberata Nicoletti, La Valle della Cupa

The history of "borrowing" 0Astoria_del%% 0A% 22% 22Presta

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