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The Land Reclamation Consortia to facilitate trade in vine leaves with Saudi Arabia

The Land Reclamation Consortia to facilitate trade in vine leaves with Saudi Arabia

Antonio Bruno *


The Director of 'Institute for Foreign Trade of Bari Dr. Joseph Lamanna has convened a working group to organize a major export of grape leaves in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Poorly own producers of table grapes.

In this paper a proposal to Dr. Lamanna for participation in this important category.


70% of table grapes produced in Italy is Puglia

Apulia, you get almost 70% of national production of grapes. How do you say? Did you know that already? But I want you to remember that once you will be surprised today because what matters is not the grape but the leaf table grapes!

I already mentioned in my previous note of the request by Saudi Arabia of vine leaves that would be met from the working of the Cooperative New Generation Martano del Salento Lecce.

How to pay a pound of vine leaves Arabs

Just to give you an idea you know how much they paid for a kilo of grape leaves importers of Saudi Arabia? No? and that's fine I'll tell you. A kilo of leaves of grapes processed and ready for the restaurant have paid 1 euro and 20 cents! They have imported more than 9 thousand tons at a cost of 11million euros! What? You understand very well! The interesting thing is that there are 14 other Asian countries that are blessed with these delicious table grape leaves. In short, a potential market of 150 million euros a year!

The greatest chefs of the most luxurious hotels in Riyadh will evaluate the quality of the leaves

But mind you the chef of the most luxurious hotels in Saudi Arabia as Sheraton, Radisson and Golden tulip that will assess the quality of the product that would replace the leaves from California the grape variety Thompson that it 's the raisins, a grape varieties of Greek, Turkish or Iranian particularly known for the fact that it is used, through a drying process, to get the raisins.

The raisins

The grapes were traditionally imported into the territories of the Ottoman Empire by Anglo-Saxon countries, and therefore has the ninth Sultan of grape. There is a story about this grape in the tradition of the Ottoman Empire that the name of the grape was invented after the sultan was forced to leave the grapes in the sun to escape an attack by a tiger, from which derived the name sultana.

As I wrote in the United States raisins is also known under the name Thompson Seedless, named after William Thompson, the first grower to grow it in California.

The varieties of table grapes from Puglia

Apulia are cultivated varieties of white grapes Sugraone, Italy White, Regina White, Victoria White, Red Globe Red, black Michele Baskets, Matilda White, Primus white Baresana white, black cardinal.

The production per hectare of vine leaves

But back to the table grape leaves whereas leaf area ratio is excellent - the production of grape leaves from 1.1 to 1.3 square meters per kilogram of grapes and grape in the province of Taranto, we have a production of about 29 thousand kilos of grapes per hectare can certainly say that every hectare of land planted with grapes produces more than 40 thousand square feet of leaves.

The Working Group consists of the Director of ICE Bari

Dr. Joseph Lamanna, director of ICE Puglia, he put on an important working group which met in Bari with the partners of Thamer east of Riyadh. Both businessmen led by general manager Jalal O. Thamer is the Search Center Bonomo Raffaele Lovino that the other defendants have encountered a great absence or the wine-growers of table grapes from Puglia.

The involvement of producers due to land reclamation consortiums of Puglia

Dr. Lamanna is Director of ICE in mind that I would have been enough to extend the invitation to Dr Anna Chiumeo the Regional Union of the National Land reclamation is a reclamation and irrigation and land improvements because many of the vineyards' s Table grapes have advice for irrigation by the Agricultural Areas of land reclamation consortiums of Puglia. However, you still have time to involve land reclamation consortiums that I remember are the only public facility that provides equipment to producers of table grapes from Puglia.


Antonio Bruno, 200 tons of grape leaves from Martano del Salento Lecce in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Antonella Millarte, of Puglia and the challenge of the California grape leaves. La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno of January 28, 2011

Statistical Office Department of Agriculture Puglia, screw for table grapes

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