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The Parks of Lecce Salento coasts, beaches, cultural heritage and rural landscape of taste.

The Parks of Lecce Salento coasts, beaches, cultural heritage and rural landscape of taste.

I took part of the 3rd Plenary of the Parks Forum of Salento for accession to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism which was held November 3, 2011, at 17.30 in the conference hall of the Castle of Charles V in Lecce.

The forum is the way for accession to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, which commits signatories to implement a local strategy to achieve a "form of development, planning or tourist activity that respects and preserves the natural resources in the long run , cultural and social issues and contribute in a fair and positive economic development and fulfillment of people living, working or staying in protected areas. "

The animators of the forum have noticed and complained about the resounding lack of Puglia Region Forum as well as in the absence of any reference to the site parks of Salento, in fact you do not read anything about can use their holiday let alone c 'some reference to the centrality of these areas in the tourist region. But there was no forum today, the former ATP Regional Agency "Puglia Promotion" and organizers bitterly noted that the important path "appears kneecapped" because it was precisely to establish the region as well as parks and therefore incomprehensible to those without appearing irresponsible!

In that splendid evening of November 3, 2011 was really a lot of people, tour operators, cultural and environmental, were the owners of accommodation facilities dealers of bathing and Provincial Councillor of Tourism of the Province of Lecce, which Francis Pacella once again proves serious, punctual and particular attention to initiatives that are taken within the territory.

What are the essential things to do? First, a mapping of sensitive areas for the fragile nature and a series of periodic studies on these areas to see what changes as a function of tourist use.

Connect to the tourist offer rural landscape which is also the landscape of food and wine taste with typical products of the park that can give life to the Atlas of the park.

In the 3 rd forum was primarily discussed the actions that can be done in the next 5 years. He is spoken of things to do bearing in mind the whole system of parks of the Salento possible within a single park.

Meanwhile, the parks need to be accessible on a network of paths and these have found that the existing one is disconnected from the contexts preventing the orderly use.

All have reported the existence of waste in the parks that make it impossible to use and in this context, the proposals were those of information - training of people living in the towns bordering the Parks and an observation activities through volunteering or by synergy with bathing and hospitality operators so as to obtain sufficient resources to a real surveillance activities

There were also those who use the proposed voluntary ecological guards not contend that the reimbursement of gasoline.

But it is a dealer of a beach park that everyone wakes up with his cry unheeded gutted to remove a car that is still months in the same spot, the same one who asked to remove clothing that stand out for months behind the dunes, the same one who asked the people not to throw any kind of material is the restructuring of housing risk his safety. All unheeded!

Operators want the parking lots for cars, and because today there are those who go for a swim back is a beautiful fine stop from the wiper and never returns after a swim in a location that does not have the parking ticket and that the swimmers who choose it. In short, a tragedy in the indifference of institutions that have neither the expertise nor the resources to solve problems.

And what about the proposed bus parking away with links? Nothing at all, no, do not talk about it either. And least of all if you take into account the mobility by other means such as bicycles or electric minibuses. Indeed the poor German tourists who travel by bike after the first excursion are careful not to make it more likely to be put under the car of a few fanatics with impunity of high-speed dashes on the country roads to 100 per hour.

Here they are present who, between the dreamy and the bitterness of disappointment, Torre Guaceto look as if it were a mirage because there is no parking away from the park and a shuttle service that takes the swimmers.

One gets up to say that it is time to say enough with all these festivals in mid-August and only then! Causes of fires and pollution! Operators and contractors are fed up with these amateurs! The governance and management agree to set up the infrastructure must be managed by professionals who are able to offer services to the company! The environment is the only company available in the territory of Salento and professionals who need to make available the benefits of tourism by providing infrastructure operators, contractors and workers.

Possible incentives that no rail transport and rubber Railways South East? These entrepreneurs, desperate, even to solve the problem offer their cooperation to free government. A genuine offer of Commissioner structures that do not work because people demotivated daughters full of that "PEGGIOCRAZIA" that is sinking our country.

Seasonal variations but also because it's just a word operatoti complain that employers who are not receiving a pension can claim to offer complete in the fall or spring to the same high season rates! This states that an operator is forced to move from the Salento area for tourism education because there is no structure can offer a full pension to 26 euros, but this combined with the sports and tourism environment is strongly linked to the use of cultural heritage and Landscape of the taste and would result in a development of agricultural enterprises and operators of cultural work.

Parks we'll talk again and it seems that the next time we will see to identify funding sources. Are you a tourist who want to come in Salento? You say to you! You who are a person of the 500 visitors to my blog and I read from France, England, the U.S., Canada, Sweden! Well read carefully because you must have patience, know that at the end of this forum will lead you in the fantastic world of stone ovens fueled by wood into which cooks the bread of wheat, this world is the cellars where the Salento Negroamaro ago drunken men singing in the grip of merriment, the Salento area of ​​olive trees that give you giant Mediterranean olives that you, after they have collected, you'll Grind in the mills and from here you can see the oil gush of health, of the Salento with civaie Zollino dwarf peas, with tomatoes and Batata Lecce Morciano. Because there is a millenary wisdom in these products and their preparation. Follow me and you will know that here in Salento this peninsula is known throughout the Mediterranean culture that awaits you!

Antonio Bruno

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