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Because in the Salento Lecce there is no olive oil market of excellence?

Because in the Salento Lecce there is no olive oil market of excellence?

In the Salento Lecce in February 2012 saw the usual scene. The olive harvest is over, some of 9milioni of trees have fallen and the product left the ground because the price of 20 euros for 100 thousand olives 1 gram is too little! Already an olive or ogliarola Lecce Cellina di Nardo weighs about a gram to get a ton of olives, they must collect 100 thousand. A ton of olives 20 euros! This is crazy! But even crazier is that a bottle of extra virgin olive oil is sold in large retail chains to 2.50 euros!

Because the olive oil from Salento Lecce worth so little?

To understand that I had to have access to information of George Akerlof the Nobel Prize of Economics in 2001. Who put me in contact with that information? It 'was the President Lamberto Baccioni Agrivision Ltd. that last January 25, 2012 in Valenzano (Bari) at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute gave a presentation with the theme "The influence of technology on the sensory function of the olive oils' s excellence ".

We are the Arabs of Europe

It seems that the Arabs have been put in place a system of buying and selling armored to the point that it is impossible to give a rip off to an Arab. These buy and sell all the minimum price the lowest price possible. Do you understand? All the Arabs buy and sell products at very low prices of poor quality but none of them ever doubt that I have a rip-off. As a catch? What they have paid a high price for an inferior product! Want to know why this happens? He found out He's got George Akerlof and won a Nobel Prize for Economics. The reason for the poor sales of goods at very low prices is in the "Asymmetric information".

What is the information asymmetry?

George Akerlof has described a relationship of information asymmetry between supply and demand that I will adapt to olive oil from Salento Lecce. In Salento Lecce there are vendors that offer olive oil of different quality from that which is sufficient, or the newly poor to excellent. Buyers of olive oil does not have information as to the quality of the oil that they do not know what oil to excellent or poor enough or what. And 'our situation is not it? And 'what is happening in Salento Lecce is not it? And you know what happens every year: the oil market will disappear! So in Salento Lecce as the quality of olive oil is uncertain and that's no longer the market, here's the olives remain on the ground! Got that?

They are afraid to take the catch!

In short, as the seller of olive oil has no credibility, which is nothing but the power multiplied by the honesty, here is that the buyer not to take the catch forces the seller to come down in price. Do you understand? Do not trust the sellers of olive oil! Instead, as buyers feel the COOP advertising "COOP is you!" Here is that you trust and pay the 3.50 Euro and olive oil when used on the foods they are convinced that the excellent olive oil COOP is what sells. So you and I who know how to recognize the excellent olive oil, we are aware that those who use what it costs 3.50 euros they will never get to buy olive oil of choice, with the result that for this hour Salento MARKET HAS NOT!

What should we do?

We have taken the first step in answering the question "Why in the Salento Lecce there is no market for olive oil excellence?". You understand that if the market existed to push production and income of the 85 thousand hectares of the forest of Salento Lecce 9milioni made up of olive trees. Everyone knows that if olive oil is sold at a remunerative price this immense patrimony of our country would turn into wealth for all 220 thousand owners of the forest of olive trees in the Salento Lecce. But that's another story and tell it to you in my next writing.

Antonio Bruno

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