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The confusion and ignorance surround the gold in the Salento

The confusion and ignorance surround the gold in the Salento

And 'what is really unusual Alex Renton reports on Olive Oil of the U.S. newspaper theguardian or that fraud of this precious and sublime food were in the days of Sumerian cuneiform tablets found either according to the archaeological site of Ebla in the people had a real "weapon made by police" in charge of the investigation and prosecution of fraud perpetuated on olive oil.

It 'just come out in the U.S. a book by Tom Muller entitled "Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil" or the world sublime and extra virgin olive oil scandal you can read the reason I did stigmatized in my piece on why there is a market of olive oils of excellence In fact, Muller says that the key to the success of scammers olive oil is the confusion and ignorance which envelop the gold of the Salento.

One of the scams of recent years

The book is selling so many copies in the U.S. and Muller says that there is a labor-intensive farming that is overcome by a group slippery (slippery) of businessmen. Muller writes:

"Remember when August 10, 1991, a rusty tanker called the Mazal II docked at the industrial port of Ordu, Turkey, and pumped 2,200 tons of hazelnut oil in its hold? The ship then began a tortuous journey through the Mediterranean and the North Sea. On 21 September, when the Mazal II reached the port of Barletta in Apulia, the load became greek olive oil according to official documents. He passed through customs, possibly with the connivance of an officer, was placed on tanker trucks and delivered to the refinery Riolio, a producer

Italian olive oil based in Barletta. There was sold - in some cases mixed it with great olive oil - to customers of the rhyolite.

Between August and November of 1991, the Mazal II and another tanker, the Katerina T., delivered nearly 10,000 tons in Riolio hazelnut oil turkish oil and Argentinean sunflower seeds, all declared greek olive oil . The owner of Riolo, Domenico Ribatti, grew rich from the false oil putting together a solid real estate companies, which included a former department store in Bari He bribed two officials, one with cash, the other with cartons of olive oil and made several trips in Rome, where he stayed at the Grand Hotel, meeting with other producers of Italian olive oil and foreign. As one of the most important importers of olive oil, Ribatti's company was a member of ASSITOL, the powerful National Association of Industrial mills and the same Ribatti had a lot of influence in Rome as a favor to ask - preferential treatment for his grandson an associate, who sought to be admitted to the Military Officers School - a high-ranking official of the Ministry of Finance, an Apulian like him. "

Always Muller publishes an interview with the then Minister Paolo De Castro:

"Paolo De Castro when he was Minister of Agriculture, said" We must avoid

distortions, not to limit trade, "he said. "The important thing is that people do not do the clever and that this oil does not become Tunisian extra virgin olive oil from Puglia. Now, this is a nice little problem huh? "De Castro said that his decree" Made in Italy "that would require distributors to indicate on the label the source of their oil, would prevent them to deceive the public. "It is written and there is no problem," he said.

Leonardo Marseglia dismissed the idea that such a measure can be effective. "The oil does not have an ID card, just traveling," he said. "When someone has two silos of oil, one Italian and one foreign, should only exchange: Foreign becomes Italian and Italian becomes foreign." Noting that the oil labeled "Made in Italy" is sold at prices higher than other oils, Marseglia said that the law of De Castro would lead only to more fraud. "So, what could happen? Will and other scams under the guise of 'Made in Italy' there will be foreign oils labeled 'Made in Italy'.

Leonardo Colavita is equally skeptical: "I should say that a criminal law, because the criminal knows how to circumvent it."

The story is depressing oil scam

It 'a depressing story, with no obvious remedy, but it is only half of this book very funny Mueller, an American who set up home in Liguria, and that tells a compelling story of the birth of olive oil to the point where it symbolizes civilization is in the mind of a Roman legionary outposts in the German Empire dining table or on a middle class of Europe or North America today.

Through the centuries, the fresh green olive oil has gone unscathed attrabersando crooks and fanatics. The Romans, says Mueller, from the top of Monte Testaccio, a hill from the Tiber made of discarded oil amphorae, watched the olive oil better than we do.

And Muller concludes that most of the olive oil we eat today and we buy the cheap is actually an oil lamp oil that the Romans considered suitable only for lighting their homes.

In conclusion, this exchange of letters between Gino Celletti and Tom Mueller

A dear friend, Silvia Lazzari, who works in oil, in Greece, asking me things I facebook appeared on the recent events

- The Republic

- Teatro Naturale

Here's what I think and I will take as a model to meet the "IF" Kipling.

Dear Manufacturer of Oil Italian Quality.

If you continue to blame others because they do and you do not.

If you continue to do as you always have to fear change or worse than we work.

If you continue to think that you are the best and most others are just junk.

If you continue to think that your oil is Italian and then sells itself.

If you continue to think that it is not you have to invest for yourself but others on your behalf (associations, consortia, etc..).

If you continue to think that others should be playing your trumpet and not yourself.

If you continue to think that the world must come to you from him and not you ...

Then click these links below and then maybe you will understand that you have to make a move and that marketing is precious and we have to spend a few dollars until you are left to spend.


California, Spain, is sponsoring a course to teach the large retail buyers (retail store)

- What is the oil of olives.

- As you choose.

- How to find defects.

- How to buy.

- How to sell.

- As it goes maybe?

You Manufacturer of Oil Italian Quality you ever asked an expert to explain to you all this?

You Manufacturer of Quality Italian oil major Italian companies know that the oil "from EU and non EU countries" do these activities regularly on Italian and foreign GDO BUYER?

Did not you know? If you are small and can not do it alone, agreed with your counterparts, you stop looking at them askance, and the bride said "unity is strength."

Check out these links


OliveoilfromSpain site that the site that tells the world what you can have oil from Spain. I leave you any comments if you have the patience to visit all.


the timing of promotional activities that Spain is in America. From fear, there are so many appointments and saturation of this place! Nothing is left to chance and above all nothing is left to others.


the involvement of Spanish restaurants and chefs in preparing dishes for the Americans. From a restaurant owner asked us if 6 bottles for a dinner you go into a panic, this restaurant is a profiteer. And if you were to ask fee and travel expenses to make a dinner in Texas? What would you propose? the gallows?

and here the final blow

addition to the doubt that China has now also on our oil, of course, doubts fueled by art, there is Mr.. Rafael Civantos the COAG Farmers Union says that the Spanish "Italy pretends Spanish olive oil as their own, because" its figures on the production of olive oil consumption and imports do not come back. " Who has courage to respond?

Here's what I think and here is my solution below.

You have to start investing on CULTURE because you did not escape if you invest only:

- Prices

- New markets.

Someone will lower your prices or you will reach the new market, if there is not already there before you. Invest on the figures that make OIL ITALIAN CULTURE AUTHORITATIVE and above but who are INDEPENDENT

COPY Spain, who uses his tasters, his chef and his restaurant owners to promote its oil

The war is won at the table, not the supermarket.

Gino Celletti

Hello Gino,

Well said! The rosary oil true, and how to stop wasting opportunities.

I can not wait to see you again, and talk about ... oil, of course.

I will be in the United States 10:01 to 05:02, inter alia, to speak at the conference in California for buyers who signs above. There 'something big moving in the world of oil. We hope to have time to mark / protect / preserve the good oil from the fake, which threatens to drown everything.

Then again in the boot and expect to see you soon to talk about oil ... again, and 'obvious. I never cease to learn, especially from people like you with clear ideas. People with clear ideas and 'very rare in any field, especially in the bright world of extra-virgin!

Best wishes,

Tom Mueller

In the Salento Lecce Lecce ADAF or the Association of Graduates in Agriculture and Forestry is planning a course of this kind held by the famous Caramel oleologo Buttazzo the agronomist who has dug out by raiding the premiums. All companies follow the links Buttazzo have been awarded! We do it because you need that culture of the oil from spreading. What are you waiting for to come? the available seats are almost sold out!

Antonio Bruno

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