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The Bell family of Preston: Agriculture Salento with your back straight head-to walk with his legs

The Bell family of Preston: Agriculture Salento with your back straight head-to walk with his legs

The Bell family

How important is family! In Salento Lecce family is at the heart of everything. I have been to Preston of Salento in Lecce, Via Degli Angeli and I met with the Bell family. What do they do? Produce fruit and vegetables since 1984 and trading them. The south of the South so dear to Carmelo Bello and produces so much fruit and vegetables. I asked those who sell and they told me that the best customers were those of mass retailers. It does so through its partners. A sigh of relief, finally one that benefits from Department that distributes in Salento Lecce, these giants that have taken root and to whom we all serve. But once I change my mind, it will find none of the Salento Salento Lecce counters of retail products of the Preston Family BEAUTIFUL! However, at Preston is the chance to buy the products of the family farm shop in Nice.

Anyone who buys the fruit and vegetable Presicce of Salento in Lecce?

In short, all the theories of Kilometer Zero Coldiretti and those of 100 km of Telerama seem to go down the drain. The Handsome Family products there are no zero kilometer, much less in Puglia! And where do they go? Left for Switzerland, Austria and Germany. And 'the Union of Consumers of these countries that chose the Bell family of Preston of Salento in Lecce. Every day the family refrigerator trucks are on the road to Europe.

Why not have counters on the Salento?

Salento Lecce in Italy and there are some resistance because it is sold here only if you know the ones who buy, if you know the giants of Italian GDO. It does not matter the quality of your product and maybe even the price, here is the knowledge that is the host!

From Switzerland, Austria and Germany

Our European friends are not content to eat the vegetables of the family are Nice but several times a year on a trip to Preston. They inspect the goods, they want to see the sights of the same productions that have ensnared the Hollywood Star Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Mick Hucknall, Francis Ford Coppola, Gerard Depardieu and Micky Rouck.

The Bell family has met these consumers partners in international fairs

And 'in this setting that the Bell family has contacted its customers asking for its products. But there is one exception in the canteens of Rome who buy vegetables from the family Bello, which sells through a trilateral with a platform of Verona that put them in touch.

What produces the Bell family?

The Bell family has on his property which is extended 40 acres of land leased.

The productions are those of the endive salad, salad loaf sugar, parsley, chard and leek. All Certified Organic since 1984. The certification is managed by ICEA; by International Certification and Naturland proper certification of this Institute Germany sees the Bell family in southern Italy the first to be certified by the major German institute.

The sowing and harvesting of vegetables

Sowing starts every year on June 2 and end mid-August, while the transplants begin July 4 with the leek and ending October 5. They tell me that when making transplants may provide the date of collection. Each transplant is performed in extensions of about two hectares. Transplanted on Monday the parcel number 1 and the next day the parcel number 2 we plot the collection of two one week after the number one. In practice one day difference in transplant turns into a week's difference in the collection of the vegetable.

Local Health Inspectors of the Region of Puglia and the check list fruits and vegetables

The Bell family has surpassed even that kind of control of ASL. There is the certainty of a healthy and free of organic residues as shown by the analysis multiresidual to which the products are subjected to each individual parcel. The analysis multiresidual Bello costs the family 200 euros. Buyers make the same analysis to surprise and to date the family never had any problems Bello.

How does the company of the Bell family

We start by planting seeds that are all that come from their first seedlings in 1984 than in the last thirty years have been acclimatized and formed real ecotypes. Then after the production in accordance with the dictates of organic farming to get to the library. The evening came the orders of the product and the next day is collected, processed, and shipped refrigerated. The Handsome Family provides cleaning, all'incassettamento, labeling, at which point the product is ready for departure to the European consumer.

The product of Salento Lecce Preston arrives on the consumer's table within 24 to 36 hours of collection.

With what money is sort of the Bell family farm?

Proudly say that I have never had recourse to public funds. They never had a dollar or a penny from the public purse. Do you know where they got the money? But the banks! They made the loans that have paid on time. I do not know if they did right or wrong. I know for me, I'm a Salento, knowing that a family of my country has done business without ever having to do with public money, paying taxes to the state, it gives me pride and pride!

Training in Switzerland

The father Anthony has insisted that the children went to Switzerland to take training. In fact, every two years the family makes a nice training course that provides an initial one month period in the fields for the production, in the following month sees them struggling with the field of shipping and then for a final month of the distribution.

The Handsome Family a paradigm for the Salento Lecce

The Bell family of Preston of Salento Lecce is a role model for everyone. We became a family enterprise, which has never made use of public money and that produces income. In Salento Lecce you can! This is the warning for all of us who have recourse to dobbi9amo feature that has mastered the human race on planet Earth, I am referring to mimesis, specifically the ability we all have to imitate the Bell family of Preston to become what our area is called to be by its tradition and its history. Salento be what you are! Salento is walking with your legs with your back straight and head held high! Salento together we will succeed!

Antonio Bruno

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