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Who cast seeds to the wind of Salento Lecce will flourish the sky

Who cast seeds to the wind of Salento Lecce will flourish the sky

Antonio Bruno *

Tomorrow is the first year: do not write! These words raging, I passed through today, which is the last year, when budgets are saying, but I feel it as time to regain the perception of reality. A survey cited by the magazine Focus found that 4 out of 10 Italians, or 24 million Italians who represent 40% of the population devoted to the care of green gardens, vegetable gardens or terraces. Yesterday I went to get the station a dear friend of Bari, a woman who was important to have a conversation with another woman important. I purchased my copy of the New Country everyday and since I was only 50 Euro and can not ask the rest to buy only 50 cents, which is the cost of the newspaper, I took the "Focus" in January 2011 . Qurl newspaper of a sparkling red was quiet and good all day but today, while I waited for you cuocesse the meat to the barbecue on the balcony of my home, I peeled and on page 70 I found "The garden in the city" or "All chasing a piece of land to cultivate. To save money and eat healthy. But even as a hobby. ".

Well here they are the experts on the subject, those who want to experience what they are talking about and of which I write every day!

I was reminded of a 2009 conference in which the designer Gabriella de Querquis Architect, who is also the direction and coordination of the work we did see a model of the rebirth of the Tower of Belloluogo and the creation of a municipal public park of the Tower of Belloluogo .

In short, January 18, 2009, the company won the tender started at the shipyard for the construction of "urban park facilities of the Tower of Belloluogo." At the end of the work, the city of Lecce will enjoy a large green lung would contain within the outlined areas to green space in the garden area surrounding the Tower of Belloluogo and underground, a complex of small plots of land used for urban gardens, fountains and water features. It must be said that currently they can only visit the environs of the Tower of Belloluogo, because the monument is not yet officially opened to the public.

Instead of Bari district in Japigia, between the mall and the church of San Marco was born the first experience of the city's social garden. The pastor has made available to the network Ortocircuito about five thousand square meters of land owned by the parish, and to understand the "unprecedented power" of the people that started this experience you should definitely read the words of Villages Carolina who writes: "We had a strong desire to ecology, not only that of the earth, but also thoughts, and souls of people. And, you know, like, if you fed, and goes out from dreams into reality. "And now back to reality, that which I have dedicated today, last year, rejecting in the strongest possible terms to do budgets! What are they for? Perhaps the Amministratoti Delegates, who must determine the dividends of earnings to shareholders, but to me, if I won or lost in something, eventually winning the account is always mind-boggling, like that of tens of millions of Euro Super Enalotto, why is my life, the only one I have, and I can not afford the luxury to reject what you have given me over time that has elapsed since the beginning of 2010 to today!

A priest in Bari has provided a bit 'of land. How do you say? Yes, I tell you! You ask me why, what to do? But it is clear my friend or friend, to make a garden, made of earth, furrows, leaves, seeds and water. A garden where you can go shopping at zero centimeters! There was Elizabeth Intini in Bari, Lecce there was not even in this paper entitled "Garden city" on the number 219 of the magazine Focus, but there is Rome with its 90 hectares occupied by urban gardens! There is still Lecce because the designer Gabriella de Querquis Architect, who is also the direction and coordination of the work not gave the city the result of his efforts. But you really can not do as in Bari? Maybe that 's Institute for the sustenance of the diocesan clergy of the diocese of Lecce, Salento not have to just give some ground to regain contact with reality to their distracted, busy on another matter and lukewarm supporters of Jesus? Did the 100 municipalities of the Province of Lecce may not establish pieces of land to be assigned to their 800 thousand people?

There is always that Slow Food Italy has its say, are the experts on the subject, and then also in the Focus could not and would add, should not miss. Of course, as I note from the council and when I do I will also deal with these things, it was not called any Agronomist or Doctor of Forestry, University of size in Italy. In short, no doctor on earth was considered wisdom of reference for the work of land, the environment and the countryside to do small pieces of land in urban areas used to garden. But there was Valeria Cometti, Head of Education of Taste of Slow Food Italy, that the question posed by Elizabeth Intini if the vegetables grown in cities have the same organoleptic properties as those grown in the country, said that there are systematic research proving anything but that, in her opinion, it is highly likely to have different properties. Can mean several different flavors, with different qualities, in short, all w can mean the opposite of everything. Even the oranges of the same variety growing in the same plot, side by side, are different from each other fruits.

Yesterday I wrote that he did the prof. Giacinto Donno, if some scientist agronomist who reads me, or if there is some research agronomist that law could give a definite answer to this question. Maybe next time I write Focus of food, environment and rural landscape, to answer a call Agronomist or a Doctor of Forestry or a Doctor of the Earth, who knows? Maybe they do! Do not shrug, optimism, please!

* Agronomist (expert in urban and regional diagnostic entitled International University Master's Degree in Diagnostic IMD Urban and Regional Urban and Territorial Diagnostics).


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