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The rain water and waste water exhausted quarries and sinkholes collapse from pure, fresh and sweet waters of 97 lakes of Salento Lecce

The rain water and waste water exhausted quarries and sinkholes collapse from pure, fresh and sweet waters of 97 lakes of Salento Lecce

Antonio Bruno *


It was released on 22 July, the Region of Puglia, a public notice for the selection of measures to promote environmental rehabilitation of abandoned quarries. These are resources from European funds for the rehabilitation and reuse of environmentally sustainable mining areas.

Thanks to an extension, the deadline for submission of applications for admission to contribute financially expired at 13, 19 November 2010, if there were further extensions to the Reclamation Consortium "Ugento and Li Fogg" may have summed up the project in this note.


I did not want to write to accumulate water in one of the many quarries are no longer used in Salento Lecce, or in natural depressions called sinkholes from collapse (cave-collapse sinkholes), mean storage of rainwater as we all know that instead of being collected in the cave only to be used, penetrating into the ground or run in the fossil river network to go down to finish up all'acquifero which is the ground which later, with pumps powered by electrical energy, we pay a price: pumping the water to become drinking water or used to water the plants.

I did not want to write even municipal wastewater treatment plants that are aged from around the area of Salento Lecce, instead of being collected in abandoned quarries to the sea end, a waste since we pay all expenses Apulian Aqueduct for the treatment of those waters.

But then I saw on facebook Agronomy Research Center of the photos Caroppo Orestes, the Forum for Environment and Health, has developed as a wish for San Sidero in Jersey and I changed my mind ... ..

Yeah! That picture made me change my mind because it is a fabulous place, a dream, with clear, fresh and sweet waters that flow in an environment full of lush green vegetation that should be the final delivery system of stormwater in the Town of Maglie del Salento Lecce (Lecce), in the resort of San Sidero archaeological and landscape in the Dolina of Faul!

Writes Oreste Caroppo Forum for Environment and Health:

"Will we have a paradise in the next few years to enjoy and savor with eyes like the one in the picture, and even more beautiful, because of the increased susceptibility of the scenic site of the Dolina Faul, in the rural district of San Sidero, in the countryside of sweaters? !

Will it all! And the commitment of everyone is not missed!

Now the aesthetic sensibility of directors more involved, I am sure, will be key to the final victory of this important challenge of good policy and good administrative practice of the territory and the 'res publica', the Latin 'res publica'! "

Translated that means the good Oreste Caroppo Forum for Environment and Health expects to Maglie, in the San Sidero to form a lake in a natural and archaeological heritage, for the final delivery of rainwater!

Then Orestes Caroppo continue writing:

"Even in Preston, also in the province of Lecce, for example, are now providing assistance for rainwater, and not only, that is the framework in the wake of natural philosophy di'ingegneria opened in San Sidero Jersey."

But do not stop there, Massimo Negro is on his blog that on Gleanings Salentina newspaper directed by the excellent Dr. Marcello Gaballo Nardò del Salento Lecce, reveals the location of all lakes in Cutrofiano Salento Lecce.

Our Massimo Negro after news that came in a piecemeal and failed attempts did a search on Web 2.0 and found "the pond of Signureddha" that would just Cutrofiano del Salento Lecce.

He writes in his note:

"I'm into the countryside, walking on the red soil and the weeds, climbed over the fence and after a few steps I am propelled into a world inhabited by various colors of dragonflies, frogs, August sleepy in the sun in a glass expanses of emerald green water, surrounded by reeds and bamboo. "

Understand? Nell'afoso August Salento Lecce where the yellow is to dominate and where, at most, you see the brown earth mingled with the black fire is a vision of Oasis very similar to what you expect to see soon, doline Faul, rural district in San Sidero, in the countryside of our shirts Oreste Caroppo Forum for Environment and Health. And I'll show you photos of this place of dream!

Our friend Massimo Negro continues to explore and eventually discovers the beauty of three lakes in the countryside of Salento Lecce Cutrofiano where there would be only one, the one called the "Signureddha. But my surprise did not end here, because our greatest Negro is an explanation to justify the existence of these lakes that you can read below:

"We are in the area Cutrofiano, where until a few decades ago was the extraction of active tufa brick with the technique of underground caves. It 'is probable that some underground caverns, caves, perhaps the oldest and mapped in the past have collapsed and have formed these depressions within which is deposited water to form these beautiful lakes. We are in an area crossed by one of many offshoots of the original channel of the Ace. "

In short you can get the dream environment where the water flows and the environment is green and lush if you will seriously consider my proposal for functional restoration of quarry areas.

Who ever would think of considering the landscape of the quarry, which has always felt like a landscape of waste as something to be protected and even enhanced?

Yet the European Landscape Convention states that there is a landscape that has more right to protection of others, but all must be preserved and valued in the same way as they make up the human habitat.

The quarries are active in Italy 5725 and 7774 are discontinued in those regions where there is monitoring. Overall it could be estimated at over 10 thousand abandoned ones. Reading the report, drafted by Legambiente slots for our region we know there are 617 active quarries, but we do not know how many are those liabilities, but each of us, a resident of Salento, Lecce, knows not the quarries used in 97 municipalities in the Salento Lecce and even if there was one per municipality, we could obtain 97 pools of Salento Lecce by implementing my proposal. But as my friends say lawyers, there is more, since more than a hundred lakes saliremmo de we were to repeat the same experience with the collapse of sinkholes, which are also usable as is happening in the city of Salento Lecce Maglie (Lecce) In the resort of San Sidero archaeological and landscape in the Dolina of Faul!

The Mayor of Gallipoli in Salento Lecce Venneri has repeatedly proposed that the sewage and rainwater aged stored in abandoned quarries are located a short distance from the filter, what happens to Maglie, Preston and Cutrofiano by reason of this intuition Mayor lit!

Mining activity in the Salento Lecce has always had a major economic significance for the territory, so that there are those who assume that the Messapi are people that traded with Greece, the local stone, my proposal is the solution to current problems is to regulate relations with the environment, territory and local communities to the great impact of quarries on the ground and at mining operations, both at the end of the concessions because of these areas are also a source of vulnerability limestone aquifer that is the deep aquifer of the Salento Lecce.

What I proposed is that the quarries are abandoned and those active when they have finished the exploitation of the areas of excavation, we carry out an environmental recovery plan for limiting the impact on the environment, regenerating areas to re-enter areas in the area. I propose to get the lakes as has happened in Cutrofiano del Salento Lecce, resulting in a recovery of function and not by an act of masking or covering.

The lakes of Salento Lecce in place of caves and sinkholes are collapsed from a landscape to be protected in order to restore the ecological and wildlife of our region.

* Agronomist (expert in urban and regional diagnostic entitled International University Master's Degree in Diagnostic IMD Urban and Regional Urban and Territorial Diagnostics).


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