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The Agricultural Education of Salento in Lecce is a living reality and dynamic

The Agricultural Education of Salento in Lecce is a living reality and dynamic

Antonio Bruno *

It's late, but I promised to write Tanieli Savior today, experiences made all'Agrario of sweaters, boys and girls who have heard talk of new leprosy cases, the fungus that is putting the knee in precarious forest of olive trees Salento Lecce already severely shaken by the events of the oil market.

I arrived in the lobby where there was the workshop and asked the students present "It 's here's the party?", I said yes and I put my digital camera, I pulled out the recording of the evening of 11 December and we talked about.

We talked about the environment and land for a school sensitive for School Director Prof. Albarosa Tronci Macri 's Professional Institute of Agriculture and the Environment that is being knitted Circolone Salento Lecce (Lecce), where there are many fellow professors Tanieli Salvatore, Vittorio Giorgino, Antonio Andran, Stifini Romeo, Pasquale De Paola and Prof. Rita Pinkney who participated actively in the implementation of this day for agriculture and environment.

This Institute is engaged in updating and in-depth technical knowledge on the subjects of the professional land surveyor to ensure that the student next freelance deepen and extend their technical and professional competence.

My colleagues and teachers dell'agrario Jerseys have implemented a number of initiatives on the identity of the Institute, because they have realized through the educational and organizational interventions and training programs designed to guarantee the right to learn, the promotion of diversity, development potential.

In today's workshop whose theme was the leprosy of the olive has been successful in providing general knowledge on the agents of this disease, the pathogenesis, the host responses

with special reference to resistance, epidemiology, diagnosis and methods of struggle to provide students with shirts that are girls and boys who live in 50 of the 97 municipalities in the Salento Lecce theoretical and practical tools for the diagnosis and implementation of environmentally friendly control strategies.

We talked about the role of plant pathology to ensure healthy food and safe for everyone. The role of post-harvest diseases, climate change and biosafety.

Together with the Consortium of Reclamation Ugento them shape in Agrarian Jersey has decided to work on projects with Prof. Franco Nigro, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bari also on emerging issues, such as the effect of climate change on plant diseases, the effect of globalization on the transfer of parasites between continents, biosafety, and looking to the practical problems of our local area. This will be done with a strong focus on internationalization and devoting considerable resources to the transfer of new technologies to the territory by the student action dell'Agrario Jerseys.

For leprosy today all'Agrario of olive sweaters through the words of Prof. Franco Nigro and those of Prof. Antonio Andran, have formed new young plant pathologists are able to observe and study the disease with Science University el 'alongside the Area of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Consortium Ugento them Fogg. The plant pathologist is increasingly medical plant that is equipped with a technical background such that it will use the most sophisticated technologies to solve very real problems. And 'This is a very attractive profession and constantly evolving.

He discussed the implementation of research and development initiatives in the field of technical and technological innovation in agriculture within the area of Salento Lecce Olive-Olive.

The diagnostics to determine the material asymptomatic infection of leprosy may play a specific interest.

The research aims to find new and more efficient solutions in terms of efficiency and environmental compatibility,

Integrated Pest Management for the Olive leprosy.

At the end of the meeting I stopped to talk with school managers in particular Prof. Albarosa Tronci Macri, Professor Rita Pink, Prof. Antonio Andran and Prof. Salvatore Tanieli and together we decided to organize workshops for other what we did today, remains a gathering of dozens of young people with the research community and the professional world. Today was almost a moment of celebration, as well as scientific debate. Despite the increasingly frequent use of new technologies such as video conferencing on the Internet and social networking, meeting in person, directly exchange their views, meet old colleagues and meet new ones, meet the young, remains important, because, fortunately, the human factor remains crucial.

Today in Jersey we have shown that "the Agricultural Education is not the marginal remnant of a bucolic world in danger of extinction, but a vital and dynamic reality that binds to areas of excellence, such as those of typical and quality, Made in Italy which resists globalization, biotechnology, defense and environmental protection of "green" and the quality of life. "

And again quoting what was written in Agricultural Education Manifesto "The uniqueness of agricultural colleges is reaffirmed by the fact that a diploma issued by both the Professional Institutes Agrarian (Agricultural Technicians) and the Agricultural Technical Institute (Agricultural Expert), securities study and equivalent terminals, giving direct access to professional activities, including art. 2229 cc, exercisable throughout the country, necessitating the creation of professional profiles and competencies consistent throughout the country. "

* Agronomist

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