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We agronomists del Salento Lecce imitate Carlo Petrini

We agronomists del Salento Lecce imitate Carlo Petrini

Antonio Bruno *

Today I take part in all some thoughts that relate specifically to the Doctors Agronomist and Doctors Forest of Salento in Lecce. To fix the issue I share what I have observed in Lecce, on 10 December 2010, at the Park Tower where the University of Salento presented research results on the Law of the Puglia Region 23 of 2007 or the opportunities and prospects of food chains.

You tell me you got to do? I'll explain it, the round table of this important scientific event of our territory, along with distinguished scientists and entrepreneurs prestigious shone the presence of a representative of Slow Food, there was no scientist but also no agronomist and agronomist.

As the first page of the newspaper La Repubblica today December 28, 2010 by Carlo Petrini is a written titled "If the country of good food shame the peasants" and no article by a scientist, agronomist. In short, one of the most important newspapers of our country to write the countryside is Carlo Petrini is classified as Wikipedia Gastronome, a sociologist who graduated from the University of Trento and there is none of the scientists agronomists.

Understand? The specialists, doctors of the earth, agronomists and doctors trained in forestry Italian universities at the expense of the community, are out of this important debate.

Carlo Petrini on "La Repubblica" writes today's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and especially the European Commission's document "The CAP to 2020" ~ 1_NUOVA% 20PAC.pdf Petrini, according to sociologist should be discussed in our country if he continues to ignore what happens in Brussels, is likely to be absent from this important decision-making moment sponsored by Commissioner Dacian Ciolos.

I have written many times of the Common Agricultural Policy and I think I appealed to engage in the debate not only 950mila farmers who today work in Italy but as many people as possible of the more than 60 million people that live in this country, all interested environment, which I found to be 90% of cases and more rural landscape.

I completely agree with sociologist Petrini, the agronomist and I feel the urgent need to promote a debate on this issue in all possible locations. We have discussed this topic with colleagues and Salvatore Antonio Andran Tanieli dell'Agrario Maglie to promote a debate in view of the discussion will be the next February in the presence of Hon. Paolo De Castro, President of the Agriculture Commission of the European Parliament.

It 'nice to be engaged in agriculture, environment, landscape and many experts on the subject as important components of its Petrini and the Slow Food International Association but there is a need for the Doctors of the earth are those who direct the ongoing debate on food, the land and the countryside that if left to improvisation is likely to be wishful thinking!

The presence of so many experts on the subject and I am heartened to convince me of the boundless spaces available to professional agronomists and doctors forestry. I appeal to you friends and colleagues because we have the expertise and knowledge to be useful and serve the community to do good in the area. This is to make available a part of our free time to promote in every place the debate on the future of the rural landscape of our country.

In those locations we will secure attention of many experts on the subject and the many associations involved in food as a Slow Food! Imitate Carlo Petrini, disclose it and fill its reviews of our scientific, in the interest of the land and the environment in Italy and countryside in almost all cases. But how many times I write I write only of the fact that I know of Salento, Lecce, and then I turn to the 300 colleagues Agronomy and Doctors of Forestry of the Province of Lecce, present in all 97 municipalities in the Salento Lecce, we transform the 97 festivals in "Salone del Gusto widespread" or "Mother Earth Review widespread" because what is good practice to be imitated, let's do it in the interest of the territory and to promote sustainable development.

As a Director of Chartered Accountants of Agronomy and Forestry of the Province of Lecce I can certainly provide advice on food in all events to be held in Lecce, Salento to give birth to a debate around the themes of food, land and environment and to become the Salento Lecce a model to be exported in the Mediterranean.

* Agronomist (expert in urban and regional diagnostic entitled International University Master's Degree in Diagnostic IMD Urban and Regional Urban and Territorial Diagnostics).

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