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What makes you think the "Mediterranean diet" made with the fruits of the land of Salento Lecce?

What makes you think the "Mediterranean diet" made with the fruits of the land of Salento Lecce?

Antonio Bruno *


The Mediterranean diet was "discovered" by a doctor Ancel Keys. In 1945, Keys landed at Salerno with the American contingent, during his stay in Cilento discovered that cardiovascular diseases were less common than in his country, along with his team carried out a study comparing the eating habits of the United States, Japan, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Holland and Finland. Were studied 14,000 people aged 40-59 years, divided into 14 samples. This study revealed that mortality from ischemic heart disease was significantly lower among populations located around the Mediterranean. Italy with Greece and Japan turned out one of the three countries with the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease. Ancel Keys had highlighted the benefits of the diet of the rural South of the '50s, and on which it would base the food pyramid adopted in Anglo-Saxon countries.


When we talk about trade in fruits of the land of Salento, Lecce, when we venture into the world that the real market the fruits of the land of Salento, Lecce is the world, here you hear about the dumping. How do you say? No you know what the dumping, the twins come to mind with their Kessler "Da da oompah!" No, nothing to do with the beautiful Alice and Ellen Kessler instead of dumping the decline in the price of wild products Salento Lecce up to be even lower production costs, and therefore you what you expected to have a little 'gain from the sale of the products that you own piece of rural landscape, you see here is that instead of money that you will were less than when you started to spend to produce. Do you understand? Whether to produce one kilogram of vegetables spend 20 euro cents for making Dumpig sell vegetables at 15 Euro cents and you loose 5 Euro cents.

But there is also the issue of intermediaries who buy an agricultural product and add value to every step. Want to see what happens to the beer? It starts from the cost of 100 kg of barley that make you gain 20 € you own a piece of rural landscape, but that rises to € 600 when you sell a bottle of beer for 1 € per liter. Do you understand? The owner of the rural landscape takes 20 € for a product that will be worth 600!

Now I turn to you you buy fruits and vegetables and everything that makes the rural landscape for your table and ask you: Are you willing to give for the vegetables or one fruit or one bottle of wine or oil on your table? Here with "how much you're willing to give" I mean not only a specific value of money you put out your wallet but also the expenditure of time and effort this will entail and overcoming the emotional barrier of buying the produce of the land Salento Lecce.

In short, when you decide to buy the fruit of the land of Salento Lecce "perceive" what value to you indirectly that product, either through cost or how much you pay in Euros, is the convenience with which you reach the point of sale and, finally, the Communication you got that promotion that has been made that product. And you, my friend noted that the line that twists to form the letters side by side are the symbols which become sound in your mind, after this evaluation you going to this powerful action at that point of sale and, after putting off the bills by putting hand on your wallet, grab the bag with the fruit of the land of Salento, Lecce, but very glad, I'll come home!

What determines the fortune of a producer of fruits of the land of Salento, Lecce are the revenues derived from the price of the fruit, which is why the price is the element that must be kept in a special way that you produce the fruits of the earth Salento Lecce! Already, the price of the chicory or that piece of pecan Walnut cultural landscapes that have!

But as you do, you produce the pecans, or that ol'uva olives or vegetables and fruit to determine what should be the price of these fruits of the earth?

First you need to know as precisely what it took to produce that pound of olives or grapes or vegetables or pecans! It 'important that you know precisely the cost!

I want to write about the perceived value of the Mediterranean diet, and I am writing to you in Salento Lecce that produce olive oil, pasta, fruit, vegetables, wine and vegetables for the fifth session of the Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO, meeting in Nairobi, decided that what is your land produces intangible cultural heritage. There were delegates from 166 countries in Nairobi who have decided that your product, one of the 97 municipalities in the Salento Lecce, is part of the Mediterranean diet which is an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. You who are one of the owners of 220 thousand rural landscape of Salento Lecce six possessor of one of its three assets considered "UNIQUE" and you know what are the other two? Do not you know? Well! I'm glad I can be helpful to write the news I went to look and then add it to read, dear faithful readers of my notes on the Salento Lecce and said that, besides you that produces the fruits of the land of Salento, Lecce, Mediterranean diet, heritage intangible cultural, there are the puppet theater and the Sicilian tenor singing Sardinian!

Instead of you to prepare your lunch and your dinner you wonder how much you're willing to give to eat a fruit of the land of Salento Lecce, which is part of the Mediterranean Diet intangible cultural heritage.

The key question that you do is:

What makes you think the "Mediterranean diet" made with the fruits of the land of Salento Lecce? It makes you think about quality? A Culture? For Innovation? In Sympathy? Or do you think of anything else?

Dear owner of a piece of the countryside, according to American terminology, the price of your fruit of the land of Salento, Lecce (price) is one of the famous 4Ps of marketing policy, together with the other three that have the quality of the product ( product), its promotion (promotion) and the same distribution (point of sale).

In this vision, the knowledge that they can obtain the customer more than what he is willing to pay for your fruit of the land of Salento, Lecce is of paramount importance, and it is clear that the variable "price" is the one that you have to devote more carefully if you want your earnings will increase more in the coming years!

The price of your choice for your fruit of the land of Salento, Lecce has a decisive influence on the profits that fit into your pocket and then also influence the value of the piece of rural landscape you have.

What do you propose to do is to increase the value of your fruit of the land of Salento Lecce in the perception of the market, aiming to highlight that your fruit, just him, it is food of the Mediterranean Diet intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO so as to make the money grow.

And what should I do? Who does it?

When asked "what should I do?" The answer is that there is to do the positioning image (Brenda) of your fruit of the land of Salento, Lecce.

When asked who does it? I expect a reply. Get my e mail and then you know my address and you can certainly answer, but if I read on my Web 2.0 e-mail address is antonio.bruno2010 @ say hey to you! We own you! Waiting for your proposal or suggestions, please.

* Agronomist (expert in urban and regional diagnostic university degree InternationalMaster IMD's Degree in Urban and Regional Diagnostics Urban and Territorial Diagnostics).

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