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Salento Lecce Club of producers in the world! "

Salento Lecce Club of producers in the world! "

Antonio Bruno *

The value-added words to say nothing more but are a nightmare for farmers, farmers. Agriculture, which produces and finances because if the wholesaler 60 days in the vegetable produce then sell to one that you pay after 120 days and that you take this blessed "value added" you're funding someone else in addition to not put a € with your speculative investments in value added. And when the farmer asked him how to get it that added value, which gets Euro sounding, someone tells him he needs to get organized.

For fruits and vegetables only 1% is represented by direct sales and it's really going against the Farmer's Market in Via Foscarini, 16 - corner Via S. Grande (near the cinema Saint Lucia) and the belief instilled by mass retailers who want to produce those interested should just do that, as it should do just that those who package and distribute.

Instead we start all over even in contrast to the belief that it would sell to invest in research to find a clone of an attractive product from the market, take a club that will protect the product manufacturer, and then begin GLOBAL INVASION.

50% Italian vegetable is sold in Germany but there is the problem of preventing BARRIERS PHYTOSANITARY of Italian fruit and vegetable export to countries that would be excellent markets.

For the U.S. our fresh produce is required to pass only through the port of New York which is not interesting to us because of Salento Lecce U.S. export large quantities of citrus and kiwi, but what is breathtaking is that all China, South Korea and Japan, countries that are major consumers of Kiwi, we are unable to export to these countries because they pose phytosanitary barriers.

Groped the negotiating country-years of hard work and contacts. The policy should play around with this, because the Italian entrepreneurs are present in these countries.

The message is addressed to the Ministry for Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and our agency to the National Institute for Foreign Trade ICE should , assisted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development - International Trade, open negotiations with these countries and America that of Asia.

The thing that should give pause is that despite the SUPER EURO, which should act by decreasing exports, the Kiwi increases the amount of export. This fact should make us reflect and should lead to consequential action.

The idea came to me when I had to record the bitter words of a producer of Kiwi del Salento Lecce, which is no longer taking the product because the price is too low.

Just one last note on what it says when it comes to agriculture, it is true that there is local time, that the Farmer's Market in Via Foscarini, 16 - corner Via S. Grande (near the cinema Saint Lucia) or that of the farm so to speak, but we must speak also, and perhaps most importantly, to strengthen global brand with the "PRODUCT CLUB" which is the weak link in the farm.

In Puglia for the climate, the natural inclination of our land to produce healthy food that has seen accorded the motto: "The Mediterranean diet is a heritage to preserve and spread"

invented by my colleague, Dr. Agr. Paolo De Castro, former Minister of Agriculture and Forestry now chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament which has the job of the Mediterranean diet on Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, which like all healthy today is a reality. That diet of bread, olive oil and wine there is the possibility of the Copyright of varieties and establish the Producers Club.

I appeal particularly to teachers of the University, specifically to prof. Faculty of Agriculture of Italy, the public research and competence of our country, to their knowledge and their research that has all it takes to create innovation and make the whole of Puglia and midday the "Club of the producers of world! "

* Agronomist (expert in urban and regional diagnostic university degree InternationalMaster IMD's Degree in Urban and Regional Diagnostics Urban and Territorial Diagnostics).

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